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I really dig your style. Question for you: Are you free handing this on one side only and then using some program to mirror it. Aside from some of the overlay FX, the main art looks mirrored. Great attention to detail!!!

MintyFreshThoughts responds:

Hey thanks. Yeah I actually free hand the original drawing mirrored, but for the sake of perfection I usually mirror using photoshop.

The 2 creatures on the sides remind me of the Martians from the 1986 movie Invaders from Mars. Just need a big gun orb on the sides of their heads.

The pattern/effect you use for the grass with the nested squares. Is that something you do manually or is that some kind of brush/plugin?

I certainly like the history of knights over the history of feudal Japan, but I even though the plate armor would deflect most strikes, I feel the nimbleness of the samurai would allow him to use more piercing shots that might get through some of the openings in the armor. He's just going to be way faster and accurate than the knight.

Kiabugboy responds:

Ah, I thought so too, but then I remembered that the katana is a slashing weapon while to pierce the gaps in the plates, a puncturing sword like the European ones would be most effective.

You might be right on the speed thing though :p that two-handed sword is probably pretty heavy to wield

Pouty-face Hulk. The way his chin returns upwards makes him looked pinched. I'd prefer to see it more level with a bigger chin. If this was Gray Hulk this might work since Grey Hulk was more intellectual, less savage.

Xephio responds:

You're right, this one looks too handsome

I think the art is cool, but the design isn't very original. This is blatantly borrowing from the Star Trek ship design. And for a battlecruiser, you have some major design flaws in my opinion. The entire back section of the ship looks vulnerable to separation from the forward section meaning the ship could be easily disabled or destroyed with precise attacks on the structure that connects the two.

Fastleppard responds:

That was my intention to make a ship with federation similarities( from star trek) and do some elements on her design that resembles the tank T-90ms and T-14 armata from Russian army vehicles.
I' specify that is a federation ship made by Russian space department yard.
The military design applied on this spaceship was not only for tactical advantage, but for speed and fast maneuvers.
The star drive section is smaller then the command and crew section that is the saucer section, with dual heavy phasers, multiple detection of enemy beams and projectiles.
Fast anti-projectiles detectors that dissolve instantly with some type of cutting beams all enemy attacks.
Is only vulnerable on dual phaser beams and disruptor cannons.
And has extended energy shield system that protects the armor plate and other layers of protections, that are mounted on hull.

Not bad for 4-5 hours. Did you work from a specific image or did you composite this from several images? Her nose & mouth are a little large looking. The eyes however are spot on. Even the cheekbones. Really good job.

Fastleppard responds:

Thank you!
My personal things added in this composition are the red lights and background.
For her portrait i have a picture.

This looks amazing. The fading on the armor, making it look battleworn, is a very nice touch. I was convinced it was an actual physical model that you sculpted until I looked at the eyes. That's the only give away: the left eye in the shadow.

I would have given 5 stars but the lowest part of the legs looks like you kinda got tired of it and called it good. The shins are stylistically completely different than the rest,

This is so cool

Chris Chan is going to have a conniption fit if he/she sees this.

moawling responds:

i always have rage-rages when i look at what i've wrought on the world


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