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This reminds me of some of Journey's album artwork. Hey! That's an idea, get this made into a holographic print?? Would make an awesome CD liner

BelieveTheHorror responds:

Oh, you honour me- That stuff is awesome! And I would if I had any idea how to go about it xD Thanks for the suggestion though, might look into it :)

You should consider doing Technical Death Metal album covers. This is straight up Scar Symmetry stuff right here.

Kamikaye responds:

If that would be a career you could count me in :P

I dunno who the character is, but this is so fluid and smooth. Reminds me of some of the Genesis games from the 90s, Blackthorne or Flashback. I would LOVE to have animations like this in the game I am developing. Do you do any game work?

Freckles, redhead, athletic build.... my kind of woman!

JuicyDemon responds:

A man of impeccable taste I see.

I checked out your merch and there are so many great shirts. I hope you release a version of Moon Shroom in a T-Shirt soon. https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/mintyfreshthoughts/moon-shroom

MintyFreshThoughts responds:

Hey thanks! Moon shroom was an older piece, so it wasn’t made in a way that I could place on a shirt, unless I just place the entire image as is

Reminds me of the desert enemies in Diablo II. I found the regular smiley faces, but then I found an extra one that's different from the other 5.

ArtDeepMind responds:

Im sure I put only 5 there :D

Nicely done. What tile size would you recommend for this? I am starting a game using Construct 3 and would maybe like to borrow this for testing.

Everything is great on this except the face. Sorry but she looks mentally disabled.

I kinda like the new cel-shading style. Not sure if I like this better or the other. I'd have to see more in this style. Are you going to do more like this?

BONESofBURIED responds:

Don't worry, this is not my primary style. I was just practicing on a different way to illustrate in case I need it in the future. Plus I haven't had much free time to do a fully rendered piece.

I think I prefer this style better than the more rendered style. I'd have to see a few more though to be sure. Maybe different poses. I could care less about the backgrounds. The simpler background seems to keep the eye focused on the subject.

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