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You really should put this up on Youtube for a wider audience. Very clever.

I'm sorry to rag on you but a) the art is marginal at best b) there's nothing truly funny or inventive and c) the gratuitous violence is just that, gratuitous...

I'm not a tree hugger or sensitive porcelain doll, but this is just stupid violence. You have some issues I think

I dislike the music, very boring, but the video is really cool. It has a Ralph Bakshi vibe (like Cool World) to it.

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I very unique problem solving game. I really love this.

RealBeardroid responds:

Thank you a lot. I really enjoyed doing this game.

I really enjoyed this. QR codes worked just fine for me. I also noticed the hints in the map. I would like to see more. I docked you a half star because a) yeah... the character movement is a little slow and b) the boss wasn't challenging in the least bit. Otherwise 4.5 stars!

What did you use to make this? Any libraries, tech, etc? Love the Zelda-ish dungeon design.

Wolod responds:

Thanks! Glad that you enjoyed Knightin'! I'm a huge fan of early Zelda games myself. Game was made with Construct 2 engine. Graphics were drawn in paint.NET

I really like this concept. Visually it's great until there are too many things on the screen and then it's hard to tell what's what. Maybe adding another color to the actual projectiles in addition to the blue would be helpful.

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I pretty good melody and harmony. You could do much more with this. And because it's so raw at this point, you could apply it to so many different genres. I hear electronic, pop and even maybe melodic metal. Keep it up and refine it!

Love funk. This is 5 pts, but 0.5 pt deduction because the low end bass line sounds too MIDI. When you're playing it on the upper strings, it sounds legit, but the low E string? sounds too fake for my liking. Great arrangement.

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AgentOrangeXx responds:

Thanks for the feed back. Though the bass is from a real bass I didn't use any midi sounds for it. I rarely use any Midi instruments or presets. Even the brass was a friend of mine playing several different instruments and I sort of just piled them on top of each other to make it sound like a big band

solo section is really gnarly dude!

RealFaction responds:


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You should consider doing Technical Death Metal album covers. This is straight up Scar Symmetry stuff right here.

Kamikaye responds:

If that would be a career you could count me in :P

I dunno who the character is, but this is so fluid and smooth. Reminds me of some of the Genesis games from the 90s, Blackthorne or Flashback. I would LOVE to have animations like this in the game I am developing. Do you do any game work?

Freckles, redhead, athletic build.... my kind of woman!

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JuicyDemonArt responds:

A man of impeccable taste I see.


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