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Since the update, the game does not render. You can see the "wand" cursor, but just a black screen

Love everything about this! Fantastic rogue-like, with plenty of power ups, super simple game mechanics. Simply awesome!

I very unique problem solving game. I really love this.

RealBeardroid responds:

Thank you a lot. I really enjoyed doing this game.

I really enjoyed this. QR codes worked just fine for me. I also noticed the hints in the map. I would like to see more. I docked you a half star because a) yeah... the character movement is a little slow and b) the boss wasn't challenging in the least bit. Otherwise 4.5 stars!

What did you use to make this? Any libraries, tech, etc? Love the Zelda-ish dungeon design.

Wolod responds:

Thanks! Glad that you enjoyed Knightin'! I'm a huge fan of early Zelda games myself. Game was made with Construct 2 engine. Graphics were drawn in paint.NET

I really like this concept. Visually it's great until there are too many things on the screen and then it's hard to tell what's what. Maybe adding another color to the actual projectiles in addition to the blue would be helpful.

The graphics are good enough, but the keyboard controls are extremely sluggish. There is a noticeable delay when jumping, which is why something simply like jumping over the spikes took 3 times.

I love this. a very clever puzzle. I haven't been all that challenged in a while until this.

the gameplay is very fluid. I like the simple controls and the high contrast visuals. I think the audio is very imbalanced. And sorry but the music is not a good fit.

Good start. I think the play mechanics are a little boring, though I only played through 4-5 levels.

I really like the concept. My only complaint is that it's hard to tell where the area of the ship is actually vulnerable to bullets. I hope you develop this further, maybe allowing for the transformation of the ship's weapons based on what enemies you absorb.

Based on the walkthrough link, this doesn't accept near enough answers to make it fun.

zephyo responds:

it was made in 48 hours, what do you expect?

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